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I’m an award-winning author and Inspiration Coach. My YA Fantasy, Speculative Fiction and Poetry serve as a backdrop for powerful messages like ‘show thankfulness through kindness and appreciate blessings through generosity’ and ‘the only way to achieve peace is by becoming peace’.

As an Inspiration Coach, I help others understand…

Fantasy Short Story

Part Five- Finale

From above, a shrill sound pierced the heavy atmosphere. The twinkling lights that had danced and sparkled harmlessly spiraled into a blazing maelstrom. The dark, rippling surface of the ground retracted from the glaring light as it streaked downward, surrounding him and the gargantuan arm that constricted around him with…

Flash Fiction

The Ancient Crossing- 100 Word Fantasy

Waiting in the shimmering light of morning, the crossing was silent amid the avian carols echoing across the vale. Witness to epochs of time, the ancient portal no longer gleamed in the resplendent golden regalia it once boasted. Instead, long tendrils of verdant landscape bedecked its amaranthine form; a living…

Fantasy Short Story

Part Four

The only thing that mattered was her voice. It was beguilingly close, as if she stood right beside him speaking ever so quietly in his ear, though she stood at the limits of his visual perception. He knew she was calling to him, though her language perplexed him. He wasn’t…

Fantasy Short Story

Part Three

Looking outward into the bejeweled atmosphere, he noted the softly pulsing, pinkish-purple light that filled the sky. There was no visible source of this light, no sun or moon or any other celestial body that caused the sky to glow, but it glimmered, luminous and ethereal, all the same. As…

Pressing Pause on Projects and Publications

It is with mixed emotions that I’m writing to you today, but it’s time to let everyone know what’s up.

A much-needed break over the holidays gave me enough downtime to relax, restore and reflect on everything I’ve been doing and I came to the inevitable conclusion that I’ve been…

Fantasy Short Story

Part Two

Passage- Part One

How? He’d walked that field a hundred times before and never once ran into a wall of purple light or ended up nearly trampled by a figment from the myths and legends he’d studied in primary school. Yet there it stood, a passage into the unknown silent…

Fantasy Short Story

Part One

Rippling waves of translucent violet light erupted around him, causing him to raise his hands over his head and stoop low. At the same time, a strange sound like strident bells clangorously chiming combined with a heavy, monotonous drone seemed to spin around him and disoriented him in an instant…



Fervency of Light

Smiling into the Darkness

Reminder of Love


Like most poets, I have a few favorite styles for which I hold a particular predilection- outside of my own creation, the Morganverse. I love the challenge of an Elizabethan Sonnet written in alluring iambic pentameter and I often…

Cynthia A. Morgan

I’m an award-winning author & Inspiration coach. My writing focuses on positivity, encourages harmony, and promotes belief in the Power of One. Be the Change!

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