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SpellBlade- Book Two of the Neverborne Series by Ezekiel Eversand

Cynthia A. Morgan
10 min readJun 2, 2022
Image used by permission from Ezekiel Eversand

Spellblade, Book Two follows all new characters in the territories of Az’Dayne and Goldgarden, in a parallel story happening simultaneously to the characters of Kingfall, Book One. Prepare for the actions of one character to greatly affect the fate of another halfway across the realm.

The youngest daughter of Khomo’Jhuvonus, aliased as Scarless, has forgone any duties aligned with her father’s brutal machinations in the north. She navigates through her own political complications, having elevated to become the guild queen of the Stormtrees, the Goldgarden city-nation’s most notorious crime syndicate.

All the while, Symbelle, a mentally conflicted introvert with a volatile split personality, is inadvertently injected into the Oathemic Cabal. With her unique abilities from being born a hyperi, she is schemed to reunite with her long-lost past to infiltrate the Stormtrees guild as a double agent to eliminate several high-profile targets, including Scarless.

In the southern Az’Dayne Dominadom, the disgraced house of lon’Chandoss, once held in the country’s highest esteem as a bloodline of famous spellblades, comes under its own issues arising among its newest generation when the triplet sisters have all just come of age.

Valaythea has managed to captivate the attention of Izayus, the prince of Az’Dayne himself. Adyssaira, born with the potential to become a mage, is having difficulty hiding her plight in a nation that harshly condemns such prodigies. And Odysserae, both mute and near-deaf, estranged and shunned, is not without dark secrets of her own. Finally, Athaniel, the eldest, is an assassin caught amidst a great conflict of interest between protecting his family and aspired legacy, or following his organization’s unbending demands.

Lastly, Sundorion, the cosmopolitan elvan explorer seeking out his missing brother at the Chandoss estates has his life put in jeopardy when he begins to dig too deep into what mysteries lie beneath the corrupt house of power.



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