The Blessing of Abundance

How to turn trash into treasure without spending a dime!

Cynthia A. Morgan
4 min readMar 4, 2022


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If someone came to your door with a bouquet of roses and an oversized check for 100 Million dollars, what would you do? Would you see it as a blessing or a curse? So often we believe the acquisition of Much is what we truly want; that having more is far better than having little, but is the attainment of wealth what we truly seek? Is it ultimately satisfying? Does it fill the heart, mind, body, and soul with that incomparable sense of accomplishment and purpose that drives us?


Is Less truly More?

What is the plan for our life? The intended vision that will satisfy our needs, not merely monetary ones, but those that keep us questing after the intangible. Do the things that fill our cupboards, closets, and storage units give us purpose, or are they merely things? Things we collect, but perhaps rarely use. Things that distract us from the intended vision or purpose for our life.

I’ve heard many people say “I’ve got plenty of….” whatever it is, “ but what I really want is,”… whatever they want, and often my first thought is, What is Plenty? Is it just enough to meet our needs, keep us from being hungry, cover our heads from the wind and the rain, or is it excessiveness that compels us to desire more?

If what we have is truly enough; if what we wake up with in the first light of day gets us through the day, keeps our tummies from rumbling and our beds warm at night, then what do we do with the excess?

Do we even consider it excess?

Shouldn’t we consider it excess?

What is Excess?

Perhaps there is someone somewhere, human or animal, who doesn’t have enough to make it through the day. Maybe somewhere someone has a rumbling tummy and is cold, wet, afraid. Maybe the excess we have could take that gnawing pain away if we extended it. Twenty dollars may seem inconsequential to you or me, but what if that twenty dollars, or ten dollars, or fifty dollars meant the world wouldn’t stop turning for someone?

Many of us are blessed with an abundance of abundance, even if we don’t see it. What we see is the pile of boxes in…



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