The Final Days of Doggerland by Mike Meier

A Character Interview and Book Teaser

Cynthia A. Morgan
5 min readJul 13, 2022
All Images by Mike Meier and used by permission

In this fascinating stone age story based on archeological facts, a blue-eyed hunter-gatherer girl, Oane, uses her skill of crafting poisons to survive after being captured by a hostile tribe.

Migrating from the Black Sea area, Oane’s peaceful tribe is attacked by the Bollebarg tribe and their brutal leader, Viggo. The men are all killed and Oane is enslaved along with the other women and children. Her new life is difficult, and she dreams of escaping to a fertile land rumored to lie just across the North Sea.

Viggo hears about a poison her tribe used on their hunting arrows, and orders Oane to make the poison for him. Using the poison, the Bollebarg then attack other migrants and take more captives, including a young hunter named Nicu. Over time, Oane and Nicu grow close.

Meanwhile, Viggo plans to attack yet another tribe, but this time, there are dissenters among the Bollebarg who conspire to overthrow his reign of terror. Will Oane dare to defy the ruthless Viggo and help them? If they lose, it will mean certain death for all, and an end to her and Nicu’s dream of escape.

The Final Days of Doggerland” by Mike Meier is the story of a young hunter-gatherer girl skilled in potions who is taken captive and dreams of escaping with a fellow captive. Usually we would interview the author to find out more about the story, but this time we let the story’s narrators speak for themselves.

Welcome, Tänka and Sinne. Can you please tell us a little more about the events, and what was going on in your minds as all of this unfolded?

Oh, certainly! Every human and every animal must have a purpose in life. We made it our mission to protect the people here by keeping watch over the surrounding forest. With our acute sense of hearing and discerning eyes, we never missed anything. No matter how distant the storm or how quiet the whisper, we noticed.

It was in the exercise of our duties that one day we noticed a slight…



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